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New processes never before
seen in the industry 

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Be 10 Steps Ahead Of Your Competitors 

Glass Green Acrylic can take the place of glass products in many different applications.

Glass Green Acrylic comes in many different colors.

Glass Green Acrylic has a much harder surface 
than extruded acrylic making it more scratch resistant    

Takes The Place Of Glass 
  •  Stair Wells
  •  Stair Treds
  •  Countertops
  •  Custom Art
  •  Translucent Wall Systems
  •  Partitions
  •  Balconies
  •  Shower Doors
  •  Furniture
  • Quick Lead times
  •  Easy to work with
  •  Reduce risk over fragile glass
  •  Can take the place of decorative safety glass at a fraction of the price
  •  Available in a variety of shades and colors
  •  Comes in various thicknesses
  •  Harder surface resist scratches 
"I Thought Designing Amazing
Sculptured Surfaces Was Hard, Expensive 
And Complicated."
"Now there is an easy to follow guide that walks you through everything you need to design and build, with Duplicatable Results."
This Instructional video series will show you exactly how to design and build anything from large architectural custom panels to small decorative name plaques.
What if I’m not the
“Handyman Type”?
No problem, everything is broken down in this, Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Video Series. Where we are able to take even a beginner, through simple and easy steps that anyone can easily follow to get amazing results.
Do it Yourself
Why pay thousands of dollars for custom slumped glass when you can design build with cast acrylic for a fraction of the cost.

When you “Do It Yourself”, you can cut your costs to a fraction of what “retail” would normally cost. 
Trade Secrets
With this thorough detailed video series, you will gain valuable insight into these special trade secrets.
Giving you the advantage to quickly and easily start producing your own custom pieces. 
Design Your Own
Glass Green 
Custom Shower Doors
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